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Your Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s

Your Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s

It’s the most romantic time of the year and whether you’re planning the perfect date night with your special someone or kicking it at your bachelor pad with friends, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the perfect candles for Valentine’s Day. 

For the Date Night In 

They say home is where the heart is and sometimes a date-night-in is just what the doctor ordered. With notes of woods, florals, and zesty fruits, these candles set the tone for a romantic evening at home. (pro tip: burn these while you make a charcuterie board) : 

  1. After Hours 
  2. Cashmere Cedar 
  3. Hinoki & Hemp
  4. Peppered Pine
  5. Clean
  6. Vanilla & Warm Tobacco
  7. Tea Tree

    For a Walk on the Beach

    Ahh long walks on the beach… a dreamy date that pairs well with salty toes and chasing sunsets. Blends of ozonic, spice, and bright aromas bring the feeling of the waves home to you. Discover our curated selection of candles that will make your home feel like a seaside retreat for two: 

    1. Sea Voyage
    2. Warm Beachwood
    3. Cool
    4. Citrus Teakwood
    5. Azure Sands
    6. Moon Dust
    7. Night Dune


      For a Camping Trip

      Create the feeling of sleeping under the star with the aromas of fresh woods and wild citrus. These candles smell like a day spent in the great outdoors:


      1. Rugged Terrain
      2. Dark Forest
      3. Solar Bloom
      4. Energize 
      5. Mountain Hike
      6. Moss & Stone
      7. Cheviot Birch
      8. Woodland Escape
      9. Juniper Cypress

      For a Rooftop Dinner  

      Everything feels more luxurious when you’re on a rooftop with a view. Have a rooftop-inspired date night with our most expensive-feeling candles without the hefty price tag:


      1. Gray Tweed
      2. Leather & Oak 
      3. Suit & Tie 
      4. Mahogany Leather
      5. Perform
      6. Black Fig
      7. Black Tuxedo

        For a Distillery or Winery Tour 

        Whether you prefer red, white, shaken, or stirred, these fragrance-forward candles will dazzle your date and ensure there’s a date #2 the following week. 

        1. Bourbon Silk
        2. Oak Barrel
        3. Full Throttle
        4. Spiced Tobacco
        5. Last Call 
        6. Vintage Oak 
        7. Oakmoss and Amber 

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