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Manly Indulgence

Coming Soon

Ever wished you could talk to someone about your passion for Manly Indulgence candles?

Your wish is about to be granted.

Manly Indulgence


On or about June 1, we will formally launch this exciting new online store and community about all things Manly Indulgence.

Here’s what’s on tap

We’ll feature M.I. candles old and new, and also begin highlighting a line of other products that any discriminating dude should carefully consider.

Everything from reed diffusers to ballcaps to tee shirts proudly proclaiming your favorite candle company. You can help put Manly Indulgence on the map.

In addition, a friendly online community will exchange information and even vote on which M.I. candle is arguably the best.

So, now that you’ve found us, leave a comment below about YOUR favorite M.I. product or moment.

And let us know what you’d like to see featured here.

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Remember: June 1.

Be here.

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