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About Us

Unapologetically Original:

The original masculine candle brand, Manly Indulgence is for men and everyone who loves them. We believe in forging your own course through life; that freedom is fun; confidence is a given; and who we are is up to us.

We revel in creating audacious fragrances and styles. We know that fragrance is an expression of your character and personality, and we build products that drive you to be relentlessly you. Manly Indulgence has something for every man; for the good, the bad, and the daring.


Our Collections: 

The Classic Collection is experiential. The collection is evocative of classic mens traditions such as timeless black tuxedos and fresh barber shop shaves It combines bold masculine fragrance with florals, herbs, and fruits to make a dynamic fragrance experience. Raw, fresh fragrance combines with playful names to represent your own candid and unique style. Classically styled matte black jars with black lids compliment these kind of naughty manly candles. 

The Signature Collection is defined by its textures; a masculine matte finish jar, a seductive dark stained wood lid, the crackling wooden wick, and a satin metallic accented label. They are inspired by traditionally masculine fragrances that combine with fresh, organic elements. These refined, natural candles come in a combination of dark and light colored jars, and echo the clean authentic scent of a man who appreciates the beauty of our world. 

The All American Collection provides classic masculine, bold fragrances for everyone inspired by vintage Americana. Sprayed in five different matte colors paired with unique labels, this collection is a standout.

The Adventure Collection combines dynamic fragrance inspired by nature to transport you the great outdoors. It is inspired by the great outdoors and the raw strength of the adventures that await us. This collection indulges is earthy fragrances inspired by national parks and vintage camping motifs. These masculine candles are poured into a decidedly cool can shaped jar, sprayed in bold colors and topped with an inset wood lid, the Adventure collection takes you on an exciting expedition.

The Contemporary Collection by Manly Indulgence is clean lines and minimal, no-fuss design. It is inspired by men's personal care, taking a cue from simple, clean, and bright fragrance and design to further your wellbeing. 

The Rebel Collection embraces its alternative side. Characterized by matte transparent jars that give off a soft glow when lit and full satin brass labels with ripped edges, the Rebel Collection is mysterious and unusual. Sprayed in smoky transparent colorsRebel is all about edgy and bold fragrances to match your fun, rebellious attitude. Bold fragrances with herbs and spices combine for a totally unique fragrance experience. Unapologetically cool, these candles are not part of the ordinary crowd.

The Sophisticated Collection brings a touch of elegance and refined luxury. draws inspiration from classic men’s tailoring and vintage suiting. Bold luxurious fragrances are poured in tall, polished, colored glass jars for a statuesque look. Sprayed in five different colors with a touch of gloss, these are paired with monochromatic labels indicative of a polished men's suit and matching pocket square.