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All American Collection

Inspired by vintage patches, craft beer labels and classic rock & roll, the All American Collection is poured into colored jars and bursting with the best masculine fragrances.

Adventure Collection

Dynamic fragrances inspired by nature to transport you the great outdoors. Poured into beer glass shaped jars, these scents are powerful and make a statement.

Contemporary Collection

Clean and simple designs for any home decor style, the Contemporary collection is for everyone to enjoy.

Rebel Collection

Bold fragrances and design, made for the ones that stand out from the crowd. The Rebel Collection, painted in smoky transparent jars, isn't your run of the mill candle.

Sophisticated Collection

Like a finely tailored suit, cultivate a luxurious maculine experience with the Sophisticated Collection.

Manly Indulgence

Distinct and thoughtfully crafted candles for everyone

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