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Your Guide to Groomsmen Gifts with Our Bold Fragrances Candles!

Your Guide to Groomsmen Gifts with Our Bold Fragrances Candles!

They’ve always been there as your best friends and now they’ll be by your side on your big day. With our Bold Fragrances, Unyielding Strength made for men and those who love them, we’ve got the candles you need to say, “thanks for standing by my side” or to pop the big question- “will you be my groomsman?” Whether you’re a groom or looking to get engaged soon, keep scrolling for groomsman gift inspiration. 


For the Black Tie Wedding

 Manly Indulgence Black Tuxedo Scented Jar Candle

Grab your tuxedo and cummerbund- a dress code this fancy deserves a candle that’s fit for a black-tie affair. The Black Tuxedo candle from our best-selling Classic Collection is the perfect way to get your groomsmen in the mood for dressing up and getting down on the dance floor. Plus, they’ll be able to light their new favorite candle at home and reminisce on all the great memories from your wedding weekend. Gift your groomsmen the Black Tuxedo candle, a personalized pocket square, and a pair of cufflinks to get them prepared for your black tie wedding.  


For the Single One


Whether they're just not ready to settle down or they haven’t found the one yet, show some appreciation for your single groomsmen with the Bachelor Pad candle. This candle will amp up their home fragrance game and have all their future dates asking, "what smells so good?” when they get to their place. Poured in a cool matte black jar, the Bachelor Pad candle will look great with that giant world map canvas they’ve got hanging over their bed. Who knows, maybe they'll hit it off with a bridesmaid at the wedding!  


For Every Groomsman

 Manly Indulgence Suit & Tie Scented Jar Candle

You can’t go wrong with a Suit and Tie candle - everyone loves getting dressed to the nines every once in a while! Fresh ozone, calming clary sage, and sandalwood blend for a sophisticated scent that will make your best buds feel put together and ready to party. Give your groomsmen a Suit & Tie candle along with a silk tie to match the bridesmaids on your wedding day. Not wearing ties? Matching socks are a fun way to add your own special touch to your coordinating suits and make for a fun photo-op too.  


For the One Hosting the After Party 

 Manly Indulgence After Hour Scented Jar Candle

Even with an open bar, no wedding is complete without an after party hosted by the groomsman with the biggest rental house (we’ve got plenty of beer in the fridge!) The After Hours candle sets the tone for the night ahead. Smooth clove pairs with a light touch of bergamot rooted with liqueurs for a perfect cocktail-inspired candle. If you’re gifting your groomsmen the After Hours candle, be sure to include a cigar and an engraved flask too.  


Discover the entire Classic Collection. 


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