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People Love our Manly Candles

Based on 7162 reviews

Smells amazing and burns nicely!

I hate this one

This candle is too strong and fruity for my taste. It’s not for me

I’ve been burning these candles for a while now and had to re-order many scents when they were on sale. The scents are lovely and mild and the candles burn nicely. Highly recommend!

Very nice smell, I I thought it would be a little stronger, still pleasant

My absolute favorite!

I love this candle! This candle has everything I want from the gorgeous blue tumbler with its rich wooden lid, to the crisp yet soft fragrance! The scent is pine-y but doesn’t have the cleaning product smell some candles have. I do my best not to ever run out!!

I love it!

These Persian Pink Handipt 12" Taper candles are so very pretty and graceful.
I love them. My daughters saw mine and sent for some immediately!
Looking forward to Spring and Summer and dinners with our Pink Persians!

Amazing candle makers

I bought a pack of this candles and at first I thought they're a little expensive but let's see. They are the best candles I've ever bought. They last three times longer than normal ones and they don't drip all over everything. You have a lifelong customer here. Keep up the good work!

Best all around candles

We eat dinner by candlelight all winter. The tapers are the best quality I've tried. Slow burning, clean, and great colors. If we get home late, they are lit again, with a glass of wine to match the moment!

Top Notch

Always leaves my house smelling good and I get lots of compliments on it. One of my favorites!

Very pretty!

I am giving them as a gift, this week, to a friend celebrating a milestone birthday. She is the mother of seven and has 19 grandchildren. I know she will be delighted with the candles.

Cranberry classics taper 12 in

The color is beautiful! They make my dining table look so elegant. Slow clean burn, no dripping .
You can’t go wrong with a Colonial Candle they are classic and worth every penny!!

Again, Beautiful Candles

These cranberry candles have graced our Christmas table for years!

Beautiful Candles

I have been buying these candles for years and will continue to buy them!

Bayberry csndle

First time I ever tried a bayberry candle. Love the fragrance. The candle burned clean and did not drip.

Five stars aLways

Have used your candles for years and have always been pleased with them. The ivory color is restrained and elegant ivory. The red is a burst of holiday joy.

Calming Fragrances

Bourbon and Tobacco just go together like PB & J.

Enchanting Escape

Mystic Rainforest is your ticket to lazy jungle vibes without leaving your couch. Pop it, forget it, and soak in those lazy, enchanting vibes. Total lazy win.

David St

These are amazing classic candles. A great color, have used them for years and always highlight an evening!

Great aroma

I have loved this fragrance of candle, since I found colonial candle in a store many years ago. I was sad when it wasn’t being sold anymore happy weeks back, but wish it was larger candle.

10” & 12” tapers and colors

I bought several colors for the year. The candles are beautiful. The colors I purchased, in my opinion, are as follows: Ivory is like a soft new piano key but not quite as strong depth wise; the Persian Pink is a very soft color, this pink is softer than a typical baby pink even; mulberry is more of a wine purple color than a purple, like a not quite ripe dark mulberry; classic red is just that, a classic red Christmas color, like Rudolph’s nose or a maraschino cherry; the coastal blue is named well, it’s in between a baby blue and a wedgewood blue, it is a bit more of a brighter coastal blue; amber is a dark amber more brown than yellow in it; the advent candles are the classic advent pink and purple. I hope this helps others in choosing colors, I know screens can all show different hints of colors.

Quality Candle

I love this shape for a more hand-made, artisanal look. Very striking in the 10" size and lasts through a long dinner. Very few drips and a clean burn.

Love it

Love the fragrance…

Nice Candles

These white candles are perfect! They look nice and they burn nicely!

Classy, Slow burn, Always fit

They always look classy!. They burn slow. They are a good color for our SW home. However, the BEST part is they ALWAYS FIT and do not look like the Leaning Tower of Pizza!