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Colonial Candle has long been my favorite, only recently have I started to purchase -- in bulk (!) -- on-line, which is both efficient and convenient. They burn clean and evenly -- the most consistent candle I've ever used. Blue Agave is a fresh scent which is appropriately noticeable yet not overwhelming. Stardust Tulip is another charmer!

Clean, fresh fragrance

Love it so much that I ordered more!

Best candle!

One of THE best smelling candles!

Repeat Customer

Excellent candles. I’ve been purchasing them for years. They burn for hours. I always buy Suit & Tie, Fresh Shave, and Black Tuxedo

Enjoy the calming scent of these candles. Those scented candles are hard to find on their website and very rarely on sale.

The best candles period. Burn clean, no drip, no fuss. Worth the price because they are perfect every time


Love them always especially when they are on sale!


A beautiful wave of sweetness and calm.


This was my first time buying these candles and I'm really impressed!! Great smells and great customer service....

Scented Candles

These candles are great and last quite a while. The fragrances are very palatable and not too overwhelming. I purchased the apple and cinnamon and light them before or after dinner. Should there be any lingering smells in the kitchen, these delightful candle fragrances will overwhelm. I've always been a candle lover and the Heritage Collection has many options. I will re-purchase. L.P.

Elegant candles

The Persian Pink colour is just beautiful! The candles are elegant.


Third day and this candle just keeps on burning! The fragrance is as beautiful as the first day it was lit. Pleasant but not overwhelming.

This candle fills a large room with a delightful aroma that lasts long after the flame is extinguished. This is my favorite candle.

Colonial Candles never disappoint

Since we discovered Colonial Candles years ago, we've sought them out for their reliable quality and lovely colors. They last far longer than other candles, don't drip, and actually make just about anything you serve taste a little better. Besides, shining a little light in the darkness is a good thing.

Best Candle Ever !

Best Candles Ever !
Worth Every Penny

Exactly what you think it is


Just right

I’ve been wanting to get these for a while. Missed them at Christmas time sale, they were sold out. I grew up with Colonial candles, Mom always had 3/4 boxes in different colors and that tradition has continued with me for 50 years. So glad I was able to get them, they’re always perfect!!

Beautiful Limoncello Candle

Hi, I was so delighted with the color of the candles I received. I have a favorite rod iron candle holder that holds 4 candles and the Colonial ones seem to be the only ones that will stay seated into the candle holder. Web site was great, and it was easy to place my order.

Fall is here

Pleasant defined apple scent w/o being overwhelming or overpowering!

Vanilla Sea Salt

Vanilla Sea Salt provides a clean, fresh scent throughout your home. Never overpowering, but subtly noticeable. Reminds me of a warm and beautiful vacation.

Limoncello tapers

The color is so beautiful & soft! The candles are amazing too!

Lit up

Candles are well made, last a long time. Always enjoy them.

Favorite Candle!

I am from the city where bath& body works was founded and I have to say that your azure sands candle is better than any of their candles and burn much longer!! I definitely stock up when you have a sale!

Great candle. Smells wonderful:)

Colonial Candles are first quality

I come to this website frequently. Great candles, no drip, beautiful colors for me and as hostess gifts.